The specially designed Woodland Trust Collection coffins, made from higher recycled content, are kinder on the environment than standard coffins. (Photo: Halliday/WTML).

A unique licensed partnership will allow people to give back to the environment when they pass away.

When people buy coffins from Halliday’s new beautiful Woodland Trust Collection range, the business will donate money to our work.

This means even after death people will be helping us to plant more trees, protect centuries-old trees and restore woodland so that native trees can grow and thrive.

Halliday will give us £18,000 during the next three years based on coffins sold from its Woodland Trust Collection and FSC certified range.

Its WT collection range is specially designed to reduce the carbon footprint of a standard coffin, with higher recycled content, reduced energy consumption and reduced material usage.

What could the £18,000 do for woods and trees?

It could help us to run 18 community planting days or plant 1200 new trees across the UK!

Founded in 1979, Halliday manufactures more than 26,000 coffins every year and supplies over 110,000 timber products used in family funerals across the UK. Halliday continually adds to its selection of quality coffins and caskets, which range from simple to high-build caskets. It prides itself on exceptional customer service, outstanding products and competitive prices.

It is currently the only company to manufacture FSC certified coffins and coffin sets. View the Woodland Trust Collection

Quick facts

  • Halliday has a new Woodland Trust Collection of reduced carbon, higher recycled coffins
  • The Woodland Trust receives donations from the sales of these coffins and smaller donations from its other FSC certified coffins, meaning we can plant more trees

* Although the Woodland Trust cannot facilitate woodland burials at its sites, all Halliday’s Woodland range of coffins are suitable for woodland burials. The Association of Natural Burial Grounds can provide further assistance with finding a resting place.

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