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A family business based in Somerset is lighting up our licensing range as one of our most recent partnerships.

Eurostove joined with us in 2015 and we will receive £10 from every stove from its Mendip range sold.

This money will help us plant trees and create wonderful habitats for a variety of wildlife.

It is a partnership which is set to evolve – eventually there will also be a Woodland Trust wood burning stove.

"We see the Woodland Trust as being the perfect fit and our delighted that our support will see the planting and protection of trees across the UK." Chris Baines, Eurostove Ltd

How much do we get from the partnership?

  • £10 is paid to us for each Mendip Wood Burning Stove sold
  • £15 will be paid in support of our work for each Woodland Trust Wood Burning Stove sold

Chris Baines, Eurostove Ltd said:

“Eurostove is delighted to be working with the Woodland Trust, helping the charity to plant hundreds of trees. We have a huge commitment to being a sustainable business which includes encouraging our customers to use wood from sustainable sources to power our stoves."

Where can people buy the stoves?

Dealers across the UK and online.

About Eurostove

Eurostove is a family business based in Somerset. Formed in 2004 it now owns stove company Mendip Stoves.

Mendip Stoves has been designing and producing woodburning and multi-fuel stoves of the highest quality for years and has developed a reputation for supplying stoves with the best combustion techniques, looks and build quality. This ensures stoves are sustainable and last for years. 

Find out more about Eurostove.

Woodfuel – use it the green way

The Woodland Trust supports the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive which see homeowners rewarded with payments for generating and using renewable energy to heat their homes.

If you cannot grow your own wood to heat your home however, we urge you to check the timber standard of your supplier’s wood.

Find a sustainable fuel supplier.