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The Mendip Stove range sees the Woodland Trust receiving £10 for every stove sold (Photo: Eurostove)

From stoves to stationery, paper to cosmetics - more and more businesses are using our brand to help sell their products.

Licensing is a partnership which sees us leasing our brand to a business - as a respected environmental charity we can bring credibility to a product.

But licensing benefits both parties - for us it means we can plant more trees to provide homes for much loved wildlife such as dormice and hedgehogs. And for businesses, it can bring exposure to new markets through increased brand awareness.

"License your product with us and you can enter a new world of possibility – not least it will show you have a business with strong ethics. It is very appealing to customers to know that when they buy something, the money they spend is boosting the UK environment." Karl Mitchell, Woodland Trust's Director of Fundraising

When seeking new licensing partners, we look for those which could compliment our brand. We think areas such garden, home, outdoor, personal, food, children and travel work well with us - but are always open to fresh ideas!

Licensing has so far been an exciting journey for us. For example, we have worked with Go Stationery which have produced a range of notepads and diaries for partners including John Lewis, Fortnam and Masons and Sainsbury’s.

And to this day, our current licensing partnerships include everything from stoves to notepads, eco-friendly cosmetics to carbon neutral Woodland Trust Office Paper.

Discuss your licensing idea with us via email.

Why have licensed products with us?

  • Increased brand awareness
  • The ability to enter new markets
  • Generates new revenue streams
  • Increased revenue from using the trusted and respected Woodland Trust brand
  • Potential to be sold in the Woodland Trust shop

Benefits for us

  • Increased brand awareness and new supporters
  • New streams of brand exposure
  • Funds to help us achieve our aims to plant, protect and restore woodland

Our current licensing partnerships

  • Woodland Trust Stationery (produced by Go Stationery) – includes a range of notepads which have won awards at the Stationery Awards 2015
  • Woodland Trust Office Paper (produced by Premier Paper) - this zero carbon line sees us getting 5p for every pack sold
  • Mendip Stoves – Eurostove gives £10 to the Woodland Trust for every stove sold from its Mendip range
  • The Little Green Sheep - The Little Green Sheep donates 25p to our work from products sold from its 'wild cotton' range
  • Halliday - Halliday will give us £18,000 over the next three years, from sales of a special range of coffins
  • The Gin Bothy - we receive £1 from every bottle of Bothy Original sold

More about our current licensing partnerships

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