Spooky Halloween craft ideas for kids

Pumpkin lantern
Get crafty this Halloween (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Halloween is just round the corner. Hands up if you’re excited! Us too! And we’ve got some fantastic craft activities lined up to help you make the most of autumn’s spookiest festival.

Pumpkin stencils

Spooky tree pumpkin lantern
Turn your pumpkin into a terrifying tree (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Nothing says Halloween quite like the flickering light of a carved pumpkin.

From frightening faces to brutish bats and terrifying trees, there are loads of horrifying options to choose from.

Just pick your pumpkin and ask your grown-up to help you carve a spooky picture into it.

Witches’ broom

Little girl dressed as a witch and holding a twig broomstick
Make your own witch's broom (Photo: iStock.com/ArtMarie)

Every good witch or wizard needs a brilliant broom. After all, it’s the only way to travel at Halloween!

Have a go at making your own next time you’re in the woods. It’s easy peasy to make – all you need is a long, straight, sturdy stick, a big handful of smaller, thinner twigs and some ribbon or string. Take a look at our twig broomstick activity for more tips.

Don’t forget to cast a special spell over it to it help it fly, and you’ll be zooming round the woods in no time.

Leaf animals and monsters

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes! Make your own creepy creatures from brightly coloured autumn leaves.

Just collect a couple of handfuls next time you’re in your local park or the woods, then let your imagination run wild!

Glue your monster to a piece of paper or card when you get home. Don’t forget to draw on arms and legs, and remember to add some googly eyes!

Spooky leaf mask

Leaf mask
Make a mask from leaves (Photo: Samantha Oxford-Dean/WTML)

Create the ultimate Halloween party mask using autumn leaves!

First, you need to decide what sort of mask you want. Will you make a monster? A woodland spirit? A fairy?

Next, draw out your mask shape on a piece of card and cut it out. You might need a grown-up to help with this bit. Remember to make sure it fits and don’t forget the eye holes! Follow our step by step leaf mask guide for more tips.

Now it’s time to collect your leaves! Freshly fallen ones are best. Choose bright reds, glorious golds and rich browns. When you get home, glue them to your mask, then punch two holes in it and tie it to your face with string or wool.

Witches’ familiar

Many witches and wizards have special animal friends called ‘familiars’ who help them cast spells.

Have a go at making your own woodland familiar like an owl or a minibeast from items you find in your garden, local park or the woods. Don’t forget to give your familiar a name!

Conker monsters

Figures made from conkers
Create a conker model or two (Photo: iStock.com/hsvrs)

Wondering what to do with all the conkers you’ve collected throughout autumn? Why not make some conker monsters?

All you need is some conkers, a few cocktail sticks and a lot of imagination. Create conker snakes, worms, spiders, monsters … whatever you like!

You can even add eyes and fangs to your creations using felt tips, paint or felt. Spooky! Check out our conker models activity for more ideas.

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What's your favourite Halloween craft idea?

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