Pirate Day activities

Two children dressed as pirates on a raft
Ahoy! Get set for International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Photo: iStock.com/FamVeld)

Ahoy there! Did you know it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day on 19 September? Forget the high seas – there’s plenty of pirate fun to be had among the high trees! Why not try these pirate-themed activities in the woods?

Hunt for woodland treasure

Shiver me timbers! The trees be givin’ up their treasure at this time o’ year. How many golden doubloons and Pieces of Eight (well, bright yellow autumn leaves, berries and seeds) can you find?

Take a look at our fruits and seeds iDial and leaf ID sheet to help you identify the bounty you discover.

Walk the plank

Them scurvy dogs used to make their captives walk a plank off the side of the ship until they fell into the foaming brine! Find a fallen tree trunk or log and have a go. You could try it blindfold, like they did in the days of yore – get someone to guide you so you don’t hurt yourself though. Don’t forget the blood-curdling scream and big splashy noise as you plunge off the end!

Climb the crow’s nest

Ship ahoy! Every pirate ship needs a lookout so shin up the mast (tree trunk) to the crow’s nest armed with your spyglass. Choose a tree with lots of low branches so it’s easy to climb, and make sure there’s a grown-up nearby – even pirates get stranded sometimes!

Build a bark galleon

Find a piece of curved bark that floats and poke a thin, straight stick through it for a mast and attach some leaves for sails. Or have a go at building a twig raft or leaf boat. Heave ho, me hearties. Anchors away!

You can find more ideas in our activities section. Find our how to make a leafy pirate hat using our template, sail away with our super stick ship or have a go at our pirate scavenger hunt.

Don’t forget to post some pictures of your pirate fun on social media. Just tag them #NatureDetectives.

What's your favourite pirate activity?

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