Jamie’s mini woodland

Jamie and his homemade 3D woodland scene
Get inspired by Jamie and make your own woodland model (Photo: Gregor Fulton/WTML)

Ten-year-old Jamie wowed us with his amazing Nature Detectives skills – check out the fantastic 3D woodland he made for his Uncle Gregor!

Here, Jamie tells us all about how and why he made it, and what inspired him. Over to you, Jamie!

'I was asked to do a school project for homework. It was to be a drawing or 3D model on nature.

We Googled arts and crafts ideas for nature and found pine cone animals we could make. There was lots to choose from!

We decided to make a 3D woodland with native animals. We chose to make a pine cone squirrel, rabbit, fox, swan, bat, hedgehog, deer, mouse, and robin.

We also made an owl out of a piece of bark and bees and ladybirds out of pebbles.

For our woodland scene we used a fruit box decorated with tree branches, corks for toadstools, moss collected from the garden and pot scrubbers for grass, along with stones and blue paper for the river.

I love getting art projects particularly anything to do with nature. I have always loved animals and insects, and I hate seeing any of them getting hurt. I am involved in my green team in school and we make insect hotels and grow our own vegetables. We have chickens in school who live in Cluckingham Palace.'

Well done Jamie! We think your woodland is absolutely brilliant, and we especially love the cork toadstools and pine cone creatures.

Show us your mini woodlands!

If Jamie’s 3D woodland has inspired you, why not have a go at making your own mini woodland?

And we’ve got loads of other art and craft ideas for you to get stuck into too! Just don't forget to share your creations on our Facebook page.

We can't wait to see your mini woods!

Share your mini woodland!

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