Spring activities for toddlers

Little boy looking at purple crocuses
Head out on a flower hunt this spring (Photo: iStock.com/AnaBGD)

Finally, there’s a hint of spring in the air! Now it’s a bit milder and nature’s starting to burst back into life, it’s time to for you and your mini Nature Detective to go exploring. We’ve put together some activity suggestions to help them learn to love the outdoors.

Find some spring flowers

Sunny yellow daffodils, purple crocuses, little white snowdrops, pink hyacinths… they’re popping up all over the place in woods, parks and gardens. Looking for flowers is a great way to help little kids learn their colours. They’ll love to touch the soft petals, and sniff their perfume too. Just make sure they don’t decide to taste them! Don’t forget to take our flower hunt sheet with you!

Go puddle jumping

One of our favourite rainy day ideas! Get kitted out in your wellies and raincoat and make the most of the spring showers by finding some lovely puddles to leap into – the muddier the better! Now, who can make the biggest splash?

Child in wellies stood on a log next to a snail
Keep your eyes peeled for minibeasts! (Photo: iStock.com/Nkarol)

Unearth some minibeasts

Creepy crawlies are starting to wake up after their winter sleep – and that means it’s a great time for a minibeast hunt! Show your little one how to carefully lift up stones and logs to discover who’s hiding underneath. Try to match them with those on our minibeast hunt spotter sheet.

Meet some baby animals

Lots of animals have their young in the spring. If you live in the country, you may have already spotted some cute baby lambs frolicking in the fields, and in a few weeks there could be some fluffy little ducklings on your local pond. Why not look online to see if there’s children’s farm or a petting zoo nearby where you can meet piglets, calves and bunnies? It’s a great way to introduce toddlers to animals and help them learn how to stroke them gently.

Try a texture hunt

Little fingers will love to stroke the furry catkins around at this time of year. Why not see how many other textures you can find… a silky feather, a smooth leaf, or rough bark, for example? You’ll find more ideas in our touchy-feely texture hunt activity. You could use some of your treasures to make a sensory box too.

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What's your little one's favourite spring activity?

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