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Children playing among autumn leaves
Happy New Year! What will you discover in 2017? (Photo: Ben Lee/WTML)

Happy New Year!

At the beginning of a new year, many people come up with resolutions for things they want to do in the following 12 months. So we thought we’d share some of our own New Year’s resolutions for you to try.

Less screen time, more outdoor time

One of our favourite New Year’s resolution ideas is to simply put down your smart phones and tablet computers and get outside more. Whether you want to walk to or from school more often, head out for a fun torch-lit stroll in the dark or explore a wood near you, it’s time for you and your grown-up to get out and about!

Learn how to identify five trees

Get outside and get spotting – then impress everyone you know with your knowledge! You could even share this resolution with your family: pick two trees each to learn about so that between you, you’ll have the whole forest covered!

Try a new craft

The start of a brand new year is a great time to try a new art or craft. And you never know, you might discover a hidden talent! Have a go at making something nature-inspired or made from bits and pieces you find in the woods. We’ve got some great arts and crafts activities for you to try. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try one new craft every month; by the end of the year you’ll have created 12 beautiful new things.

Get to know your local wildlife

Take a few minutes each day to watch the wildlife in your garden, park or woods. Be a real Nature Detective – go birdwatching and animal track spotting, and follow the trails animals leave behind. Use our handy bird spotter, animal track and poo ID sheets to help you identify the clues and creatures you find.

Create a wildlife-friendly garden

Your garden may not be looking its best right now, but to animals, birds and minibeasts, it’s still a little haven. There are lots of ways you can make your garden more wildlife-friendly: from making a winter home for wildlife to leaving leaf piles or creating a minibeast palace.

Recycle more

This is really easy to do, and you can be creative too. There are lots of things you can do with your used Christmas cards, including festive crafts and recycling. Your used wrapping paper and tinsel can become exciting winter collages, and you could even start a compost bin in your garden. This is a great way to recycle organic waste, and it keeps the worms happy too!

Keep a woodland log book

Keeping a diary is a lovely way to get into writing, as well as a fun way to record and reflect on what you’ve discovered that day. Keeping a woodland log book or a nature diary is really fun – and at the end of the year, you can look back on all the exciting things you got up to.

Have you made any resolutions this year? We can’t wait to hear all about the adventures you have planned for 2017. Remember to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using #NatureDetectives.

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