Environment Monitor - Water Quality - Cwm Mynach, Bontddu

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Stream and waterfall in a woodland

Key facts

  • Cwm Mynach, Bontddu - Would suit someone living within 30 miles of site.
  • Part time

About this role

In this role you will help to provide information which guides the Woodland Trust’s efforts to protect and enhance this special ancient woodland site. Cwm Mynach provides a unique opportunity to chart the changes brought about by the gradual conversion of an upland site to broadleaved woodland, both in terms of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The information gathered will help to inform the management of the site and may also in the long term inform best practice guidance for the industry.

The role entails making a monthly visit to the site to collect water samples as part of an on-going water quality monitoring project.


This role is best suited to someone living within 30 miles of the site. 


For more details about this role please refer to the full task outline  (PDF 0.1MB) 


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