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Key facts

  • UK Wide
  • As many hours as you can give

About this role

Would you like to get involved with recording ancient, veteran and notable trees?

Ancient trees are important culturally and ecologically. Their many niches provide vital habitat for wildlife and many of our most famous ancient trees have links to famous people from our history.

The Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI) is a living database of ancient, veteran and notable trees. So far over 170,000 trees have been added to the ATI, but there are still lots of amazing trees to be discovered.

The growing database gives us a much better understanding of where our most important trees are. Recording them is the first step towards getting ancient trees the protection they need.

If you’d like to get involved, please register on the website. Once registered you can:

  • Add new records to the Ancient Tree Inventory.
  • Add comments or photos to existing records.
  • Update existing records with new information. This is especially useful if the tree was first recorded many years ago.

Look at the how to record pages for help to get started and you can register here.