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Finding a view

Encourage children to explore the natural world around them from different perspectives.

This Green Tree Schools Award activity is worth two points and provides a great opportunity to use the outdoors as a classroom, and inspire children with the wonderful woodland environment.

Introducing children to perspective, this activity challenges pupils to look at the world from more than point of view and show what they’ve learnt through photography.

Finding a view

Take your pupils out to a local wood or green space with trees – find a wood near your school.

Carry out the activity using the teacher and activity sheets (PDF 1.7MB) for guidance.

When you get back to school, share your photos with us. 

How to claim your two points

You'll need to share at least four photos, each taken from a different perspective, to qualify for two points. Please email your photos to with the subject line 'Diamond challenge'.

Your two points will be added to your account after we receive your evidence (usually within two weeks).