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Become a Woods Under Threat Reporter

Ancient woods and trees face a multitude of threats from tree disease to the illegal felling of ancient woodland. We need you to help us tackle these threats head on.

What is a Woods under Threat Reporter?

We’re looking for volunteers to become Woods under Threat Reporters. We need you to seek out planning applications, newspaper articles or leaflets about developments in or next to an old wood or tree.

We need help to stop precious ancient woodland being destroyed. The best way to tackle this issue is with eyes and ears on the ground to alert us when threats arise.

How you can help us find threats from development

One of the most alarming threats is from development; be it a new road, airport, housing development or quarry. Currently we are aware of 739 ancient woods that are under threat across the UK. This number fluctuates, but grows year on year.

To help us find woods or trees under threat from development, you can start by taking a quick look at your local planning authority website for new planning applications. You could also look out for meetings about new developments that might be advertised in your local library or newspaper.

These woods are precious and we can’t afford to lose them.

If you’re interested in helping to find and report threats to ancient woods and trees in your area become a Threat Reporter today.

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