Bluebell knitting patterns: download for free

Bluebell knitting patterns: download for free
Bluebells are a welcome sight in spring, but you can knit them all year round (Photo: WTML)

Want to enjoy bluebells all year round? Grab your needles and knit one of these blooming lovely bluebell patterns.

It’s no surprise to any woodland lover that bluebells are one of the nation’s most loved wild flowers. Every spring they transform woods across the land creating that iconic carpet of blue.

I always feel a little sad when the bluebells fade, don’t you? What if you could enjoy bluebells whenever the mood took you? Well, you can!

Download the pattern and knit a bluebell hat (Photo: WTML)

Create your own gorgeous bluebell hat

Knits-r-us have created this beautiful pattern in both child and adult sizes.

Download your pattern and get those needles clicking!

Knit your own bluebell flower (Photo: WTML)

Knit a blubell flower

With this super pattern, created for us by Whodunnknit you could knit your own bluebell carpet.

You could also sew it to a scarf or create a floral key-ring with your woolly creation.

Once you're finished please share a photo of your woolly wonders on Twitter or Facebook

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