How do trees communicate? Which species' bark was used as a kind of antiseptic chewing gum in the Stone Age? These and other fascinating facts and stories came up during my chat with author, environmentalist and Trust ambassador, Jon Drori CBE.

Jon's deep-seated love of nature grew from regular childhood visits to Kew Gardens and parents who encouraged him to view nature both scientifically and for its beauty. Both perspectives shine through in his books, the bestselling Around the World in 80 Trees, and the follow-up Around the World in 80 Plants which was shortlisted for Waterstones 2021 Book of the Year. They're packed with the science, history, culture and folklore of dozens of wonderful species.

We're joined too by Leila who asks Jon for his views on topics popular among young people, including the relationship between trees and climate change and what future generations can do to save the environment.

Also in this episode, hear Jon on:

  • taking time to look at the hidden beauty and details of the things around us
  • plant-themed traditions like kissing under the mistletoe, and enjoying Japan's blossom displays
  • thoughts on the future and the need for good leadership to make a difference.

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