Never have the benefits of green space for our mental health been clearer than during the last year. Being outside and close to nature has helped many of us through the pandemic. But our guest for this episode, Alastair Campbell, has long recognised the positive impact of the natural world on his mind, body and spirit.

During a walk on London's Hampstead Heath, the communicator, writer and strategist opens up to us about his mental health struggles and how green space helps get him through. It's a tough listen at times, but an important topic that many will relate to. Join us to hear Alastair on:

  • the popularity of his 'tree of the day' social media posts
  • his sense of nature being a healer, especially since he suffered a breakdown in the 1980s
  • how one special tree on the heath marked a turning point for his mental health - and the birth of his first son.

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