Spring is officially upon us and that means one thing – it's simply the best time to visit your local woodland. While winter was a great time to explore the quiet, understated beauty of our woods, spring sees them burst into life. From swathes of bluebells and other wildflowers to the sweet sound of bird song, our woods come alive in spring, making it the perfect time to pay them a visit.

While all of our woods are well worth a visit during the spring time, there are some that are show-stopping at this time of year. Take a look at some of our best woods to visit in spring around the UK. 

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1. Glen Finglas, Brig o' Turk, Scotland

A huge site with so much to discover, Glen Finglas lies at the heart of Loch Lomond and the Great Trossachs Forest National Nature Reserve. May onwards is the best time to visit if you're looking for bluebells, of which there is a beautiful display.

The wood is also home to some seriously rare and iconic wildlife, including red deer, otter and red squirrel. Keep an eye out for interesting bird species too - osprey, golden eagle and black grouse have been seen here.

2. Drumnaph Wood, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Made up of a mix of valuable habitats, Drumnaph Wood is located just two miles north of the town of Maghera in County Londonderry. A haven for wildlife that comes alive with colourful flora during the spring, enjoy a walk around the wood and take in views of Carntogher Mountain and the Sperrin Hills.

Beautiful spring flora can be seen here from April to June, including bluebell, primrose, wood anemone, lesser celandine and pignut. Wildlife is also a sight to see here – look out for bats, badgers, otters and dragonflies.

3. Green Castle Woods, Carmarthenshire, Wales

A mix of ancient and newly created woodland, botanically rich meadows and hedgerows just a few miles from Carmarthen, Green Castle Woods is a wonderful collection of woods to visit during the spring months.

Worth a visit just to see the hordes of bluebells and wood anemone, Green Castle Woods also features a wide range of trails to explore. Keep an eye out for the abundant wildlife here too – butterflies can be seen flitting among the wildflowers, and at night the wood is filled with the sound of barn and tawny owls as they hunt for food.

4. Aldouran Glen, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

This magical wood is a delight to visit all year round, but shines particularly brightly during the spring months. Aldouran Glen quite literally means ‘Glen of the Otter’, so take a walk around the wood, follow the bubbling stream as it sparkles in the spring sunshine and see if you can catch sight of any of these slinky mammals.

The woodland floor becomes carpeted with an array of stunning wildflowers at this time of year, including bluebell, wild garlic, lesser celandine, dog violet and wood anemone.

5. Priestley Wood, Suffolk, England

From mid-April to early June Priestley Wood in Suffolk becomes ablaze with the stunning violet glow of bluebells, making it one of our top bluebell woods for England. With over 130 recordings of flowering plants in the wood, it is no wonder Priestley has been considered one of the finest woods in Suffolk for its plant life.

Along with its rich bluebell displays, herb paris, twayblade orchid and common spotted orchid are also abundant here. From May to early June listen out for the stunning song of the nightingale.

6. Plas Power Woods, Wrexham, Wales

One of the most popular Welsh sites and a haven for botanists, wildlife lovers and history buffs alike, Plas Power Woods is a must visit in spring. With a diverse range of flora and fauna, an intriguing history and a wide variety of trails to explore, a trip here is not to be missed.

Wander through the woods during the spring to catch sight of bluebells, lords-and-ladies, yellow archangel and wood anemone. The wildlife here is also a sight to behold; watchful visitors might just catch a glimpse of the striking kingfisher or slinky polecat.

7. Carnmoney Hill, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

A great wood to visit for both wildlife lovers and history buffs, Carnmoney Hill features a range of walking routes for a variety of abilities. Enjoy a pleasant stroll along the lower reaches or venture higher up to enjoy stunning views over the city.

Explore the variety of habitats found here, including lush floral grassland and gnarled ancient woodland. The ground flora here is wonderful during the spring, with bluebells, primroses and dog violets to admire.

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