In February, we were contacted by Captain Sir Tom Moore’s daughter, Lucy. She wanted to set up a memorial project for her late father and hoped we would get involved. During the pandemic, Captain Sir Tom’s fundraising for the NHS and message of hope for a brighter tomorrow have been an inspiration for the nation. We were honoured to be asked, and we’re proud to play a part in remembering such a great man. 

The family’s Trees for Tom initiative is a collaboration between two leading environmental charities: the Woodland Trust in the UK and global reforestation charity Together, we’ll be able to plant trees in the UK and eight other countries around the world, including India, where Captain Sir Tom served in the Second World War.  

A lasting legacy

Trees for Tom is a wonderful idea, and I think it’s a fitting way to remember and celebrate the life of such a special person. Creating woods and planting trees as a lasting legacy will truly deliver on Captain Sir Tom’s motto that ‘tomorrow will be a good day’. As we face a combined climate and nature crisis, these trees will expand our natural heritage and safeguard its future for our children and grandchildren. 

Planting trees is a popular and positive way to commemorate major life events. You may have done it yourself - I know I have. An oak tree to celebrate the birth of my children. Fruit trees to commemorate the passing of my mother and grandmother. It’s a personal act that also has real societal benefits. With the money raised, we hope to create a permanent memorial wood for Captain Sir Tom in his home county of Yorkshire. 

Making a difference

One person can make a big difference, and I’m in awe of the spectacular difference made by Captain Sir Tom. Having raised such a huge amount of money for the NHS - over £38m - the Trees for Tom donations given in his memory have already hit a fantastic £100,000. This sum is testament to the positive impact he has had on so many people, especially over the last year. And the thousands of trees this money will allow us to plant will benefit still more people in the years to come. 

The new trees we plant will help tackle the climate and nature crises and improve the health of the nation. They will clean our air, suck carbon out the atmosphere, create homes for wildlife to thrive, enrich our health and wellbeing and more besides. 

A brighter tomorrow 

Lucy said her dad was happiest outdoors. He loved walking in all seasons, pottering in the garden, watching wildlife and listening to the birds. Like many grandparents, he was worried about the negative impact we’re having on our planet and what the future holds for his four grandchildren. But he was also hopeful, positive and optimistic for tomorrow.

What he has achieved is more than enough to make any grandparent, any person, proud and I know his family are so proud of him too. I think he’s succeeded in making tomorrow a better day in many ways, not least through the trees we’ll plant in his name. As every sapling grows, as people and wildlife enjoy these places, Captain Sir Tom has made our tomorrows better. The world has lost a great man, but he will live on in memory and in the lasting tributes that will be planted in his name. 

Donate to  plant a tree in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore online, or by phone or post.


You can also donate to Tree Sisters to plant trees abroad.