With spring finally here and the kids heading back to school, things are beginning to look up. And, while we’re still in lockdown for a few more months at least, now that spring has arrived we have lots of spring-themed activities to share.

Take a look at our six fun activities for kids and families to enjoy this season – just make sure you stick to the government guidelines.

1. Create a nature bookmark

Reading is one of the best ways of escapism right now, and these nature bookmarks make a lovely little accessory to whichever book you’re currently reading. They’re really easy to create and also make great gifts.

What you'll need:

  • Some card
  • String/yarn
  • A hole punch
  • A heavy book
  • Some flowers/leaves
  • Contact paper (available from most craft/stationery shops)
  • Glue stick

First you’ll need to gather a few leaves or flowers together when out on a walk or from your garden. Once home, place your flowers and leaves in a thick book to press them. They should be ready in a few days – make sure you take them out carefully once dry and flat. Next, trim your card to the size of a standard bookmark and arrange your pressed flowers and leaves into a design of your choice. Secure them down with some glue stick and then use contact paper to cover your bookmark. Finish it off by punching a hole at the bottom and looping some string, wool or yarn through it.

2. Search for early signs of spring

One of the most exciting things to do at this time of year is to search for those delightful little signs that spring has arrived. Head into the garden or go on a walk and see if you can spot the first spring butterfly, wildflowers peeping out of the grass, birds building nests and bees buzzing about. How many different signs of spring can you see?

3. Make a cardboard tube flower picture

This craft is a great way to use up old cardboard tubes/empty toilet rolls and the end result is really something special. Simply gather together a selection of cardboard tubes and paint them in a range of colours depending on which species of flower you’d like to create. Then, once dry, gently squeeze the tubes to flatten them slightly, before cutting them into narrow strips. These will form the petals and leaves for your flower picture. Arrange them on some paper before sticking down. You can add buttons or felt balls for the centre of the flower and a painted lollipop stick for the stem.

4. Go on an insect safari

Head out into the garden and see which insects you can spot waking up from a long winter. Can you find a ladybird, a butterfly, a shield bug or a bumblebee? Write down how many insects you find and have a go at drawing them. You could even try and make your very own insect using items from your recycling box!

5. Bake flower cookies

What better way to celebrate spring than by baking some delicious spring flower cookies? For this you’ll need a flower-shaped cookie cutter. Simply follow a recipe of your choice for gingerbread or shortbread, carefully cut your flower shapes out of the dough and bake.

Once out and cooled, it’s time to decorate! Separate some royal icing into a few different bowls and add your choice of food colouring to each one (unless you're opting for white flowers). You could try yellow for daffodils and buttercups, keep it white for wood anemone, add purple for irises or white and yellow for primroses. Have fun decorating – you could even add a little ladybird or bee to your flower if you’re feeling adventurous!

6. Listen to the dawn chorus

With spring comes the arrival of the dawn chorus, the collective tweets, chirps and twitters of wild birds as they try to attract a mate. Why not head out on an early morning with your family and listen to the delights the dawn chorus has to offer? Make sure you listen carefully and see if you can hear certain bird species on your walk – different birds have different calls, so it can be a fun game to guess which bird is singing when you’re out and about. Our blog all about identifying bird song will help you out! 

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