February half term is here and while we’re still in lockdown, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun as a family. There are lots of ways to keep busy and enjoy nature together safely over half term, both out and about in our gardens and on our daily walks, and inside when the weather takes a turn.

Take a look at our fun nature-themed ideas and activities to keep you and the kids occupied over the February half term holiday. And remember, make sure you stay safe and stick to the government guidelines on social distancing.

1. Make wildlife pancakes

Pancake Day just so happens to fall on February 16, so why not spend some of the day whipping up some wildlife-themed pancakes? You could have a go at making an owl-shaped pancake, a rabbit, a bird or even a squirrel-inspired pancake!

Simply make some pancakes using your usual pancake recipe (or a banana-based recipe to make it super healthy), and then add things like blueberries (these make great eyes!), chopped-up apples and sliced bananas to decorate. This is such a fun activity to do as a family, and helps kids towards their five-a-day too!

2. Explore your local wood

There’s nothing better than getting outside and visiting a wood at this time of year. And, while we have to keep walks local due to lockdown, there are so many amazing woods on our doorsteps to enjoy. Wrap up warm and head out to explore your local wood.

Keep an eye out for wildlife and see if you can identify any of the trees as you wander round. Make sure you download our handy Tree ID app beforehand, so you can ID trees by looking at their twigs, leaves, buds and bark.

3. Build something to help wildlife

Get crafty while lending wildlife a helping hand this half term. There are so many different things you can make to help wildlife, whether it’s a bird feeder to feed hungry birds, a bee hotel for our fuzzy friends to call home or a cosy hedgehog house.

Have fun as a family making your creation together, and then reap the rewards when you see the local wildlife putting it to good use!

4. Try bird-watching

Birds are getting busier around this time of year, which makes it a great time to do some bird-watching. Grab some binoculars and take a look outside – how many different species of birds can you see?

You can get clued up on all the different species by taking a look at our bird species pages. Then, why not grab a notebook and have a go at making your own bird fact file for the species you see, complete with your own illustrations?

5. Make frozen suncatchers

As there’s still a definite chill in the air, what better time than February half term to make some frozen suncatchers? These are super easy to make and look absolutely beautiful when the sun hits them.

Simply head outside and gather together a selection of natural items to freeze in your suncatcher. Winter greenery, colourful berries, pine cones and feathers make great additions!

Next, snip a piece of string and place both ends inside a shallow container, with the rest of the ring forming a loop outside to hang your suncatcher up with. Pop all your natural items in your container and pour cold water over it.

If it's below 0 degrees outside, leave it outside overnight to freeze, or if not, pop it in the freezer. Once frozen, carefully remove your suncatcher and hang it up outside. Look how pretty it looks in the sunshine! 

Three children exploring a snowy woodland

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