At a time of crisis for woods and people alike, the latest copy of our members’ magazine takes a hopeful look at what we can do for trees in need, and what they do for us.

Natural Health Service

With woodland walks back on the agenda at last, Broadleaf’s lead feature examines the healing power of nature.

  • Read about the growing body of evidence that suggests woods are good for our health.
  • Meet the doctors and scientists helping the Trust ‘prescribe’ trees to those in need.
  • Check out the projects across our estate helping care-workers, dementia patients and refugees to find solace in nature.

Snakes alive!

Six reptile species are native to the UK, and four of them love trees and woods. Our Nature Focus feature gives you the lowdown, including:

  • which legless lizard can reach the leathery age of fifty?
  • how do grass snakes fend off hungry raptors?
  • where are the best Trust woods for spotting a scaly tail?

Woodland yoga

As lockdown slowly lifts, our flexible feature writer salutes the benefits of woodland yoga. She encourages you to take the lunge, demonstrating how to:

  • strike a tree pose under the woodland canopy, a butterfly pose among the wildflowers.
  • perfect the ‘cat-cow’ without landing in a cowpat.
  • embrace the power of ‘simply listening’.

News and views 

Normal life may be on hold, but we’ve plenty of positive news from the woodland world.

  • The Trust’s head honchos explain how we’re fighting our cause despite the virus.
  • Sheffield celebrates an end to five years of street-tree struggle.
  • We suggest six inspiring ways to connect with nature from your sitting room.

And there are more rich pickings in our 101st issue.

  • Forester-turned-author Peter Wohlleben reveals how trees respond to pain and danger, and how we can grow timber without harming ecosystems.
  • TV pioneer Selina Scott sings the praises of her native North Yorkshire.
  • We take a tour of Abriachan Woods, a hillside maze on the flanks of Loch Ness.

All this and more in the summer edition of Broadleaf, free to members of the Woodland Trust.

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Wood warbler perched on a branch

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