How is everyone getting on at home? We understand that life in lockdown can be tough, particularly if you have little ones to occupy, but we hope you can see this as an opportunity to enjoy some extra time together as families. Our activities should be able to help you do just that.

In part six of our series on nature activities for kids to do at home, we run through some great ways to keep your kids entertained while teaching them about nature. Just make sure you adhere to government guidelines on social distancing.

1. Colour bingo

If your family is beginning to tire of the same daily walk or games in the garden, why not have a go at colour bingo? Paint some colourful splodges on a piece of card or inside the sections of an egg box, then see if you can find natural items to match! The winner is the first to find them all. To make it more of a challenge, you could even hunt for different shades of the same colour. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved, and who doesn’t love bingo?

2. Make a weather diary

Are your kids budding meteorologists? If so, we have the perfect activity for them! Grab a notebook to use as your very own weather diary and have a go at predicting the weather. Pine cones are brilliant for this – they usually close up before rain and open when it’s dry. Some flowers do this too. Once they've made their predictions, your kids can record the weather each day in their weather diary - if it's sunny, rainy or windy, as well as the temperature. Get them to draw pictures of their predictions to make it more fun, and whoever gets it right wins a prize!

3. Go on a leaf hunt

We love the appearance of leaves at this time of year - they're so lush and such a vibrant green! Leaves are also a really useful way of teaching children how to identify different trees. So why not get your kids to make our spinning ID tool and use it to identify trees in your garden or on your street? It’s a fun activity to do on your daily exercise, too.

Check out our spinning ID tool template

4. Make a nature bracelet

Nature bracelets are a wonderful way to engage kids with the outdoors while getting crafty. Stick some double-sided tape to a strip of card and fasten it around your child's wrist. Then head out into your garden and encourage them to look for petals, leaves or other items that catch their eye. Simply stick them to the card to make a beautiful bracelet! This is a really simple but fun activity that’s sure to keep your kids entertained for a good while.

If you try this activity in the woods, please remember to take your bracelet and any craft materials home with you to help us protect the natural environment.

5. Have a go at leaf printing

Leaves have such interesting shapes and textures. Use them in this printing craft and help your kids learn more about trees. Gather some leaves from your garden - look for different sizes and shapes. Paint one side of each leaf and press them onto a sheet of card. Gently peel the leaves away to reveal intricate prints! Afterwards, if your kids would like to find out more about the trees in your garden they can look at the British trees pages on our website to find out more.

Hopefully this blog will give you lots more ideas for keeping your kids occupied during this time at home. We hope you're staying safe and keeping busy! Looking for more activity ideas? Check out part one, part two, part three, part four and part five in our series, in case you missed them. 

Or, why not take a look at our Tree Tools for Schools website? It's home to all our educational materials for schools - from wildlife ID sheets to interactive puzzles and quizzes. So you'll find plenty of ways to keep your children engaged and active over the coming weeks.

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