It’s a jubilee moment for our members' magazine: the 100th edition since it launched in 1979. To celebrate we’ve put together a memorable issue, bursting with fresh stories and colourful features.

A history of trees

It’s our most epic feature to date: 12,000 years of woodland history, unfurling across six fact-packed pages. Find out:

  • how early Britons tamed the wildwood
  • where to find the living remains of ancient landscapes
  • why human beings are "the ultimate woodland species".

Millennium woods have grown up so fast!

They may be green, but our juvenile ‘Woods on Your Doorstep’ are starting to throng with orchids, newts, badgers and other wild settlers. We survey a spread of these 250 miniature new woods, planted two decades ago to welcome the millennium.

The Broadleaf 100 quiz

To mark our 100th issue, we’ve put together a fiendish four-page quiz to tax your woodland wisdom, including:

  • match the animal to its strange behaviour
  • identify the trees hiding in famous paintings
  • work out what Trust president Clive Anderson wants for supper!

Squeeze your trivia reserves and you could win a unique hand-hewn prize.

A big year for woods and trees

In a watershed year for the environment, our news pages tackle the mixed fortunes of trees and woods. We’ve combed through the fine print of Brexit, and spoken to the experts racing to protect ancient woodland and record the changing seasons.

Meanwhile the Trust is going from strength to strength, as ever more members join our fight to revive both town and country with trees. You’ll read about:

  • our grand plans for the South Downs and the Low Weald
  • our glorious Welsh hillside haven
  • our record-breaking windfall from Lloyds Bank, funding new woods across the landscape.

Celebrity guests

For this 100th  issue we've spoken to the indefatigable Chris Packham, Britain’s most heartfelt campaigner for wildlife, about his lifetime of woodland campaigning. And our guest column is written by star novelist Tracey Chevalier, extolling the virtues of ugly trees.

All this and more in the spring edition of Broadleaf, free to members of the Woodland Trust.

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