The autumn issue of Broadleaf lands like a ripe windfall on doormats this week, full of facts, features and mellow fruitfulness.

Climate change crisis

First up, we’ve dedicated our news pages to the climate change crisis, in the wake of the Government's commitment to achieve 'carbon net zero' by 2050. That could require nearly two billion new trees across Britain, and we talk to heroes local and national - from the Shetland sculptor planting the UK’s most northerly trees, to the flood-stopping forests taking root across the Pennines.

Plus we reveal how readers can pitch in with the Woodland Trust's big day of planting action this November. Every tree counts!

Thinking big

The Trust’s own estate is a front line in the fight to save our beleaguered ecosystems, and our lead feature explores the beautiful buys we’ve hoovered up since 2015, safeguarding thousands of hectares of woodland for the future. Join us on Dartmoor for a hike around our latest big-money target – enigmatic Ausewell Woods.

Meanwhile ace reporter Fiona goes rooting for underground fungi, the vast network of connecting threads beneath the woodland floor. And we hook up with Heather Swift, the Trust’s hedgelayer-in-chief, for a day tangling with this age-old countryside art.

Also in this issue

In a seasonal treat, our readers hear from two of Britain’s best-loved naturalists. TV favourite Michaela Strachan tells us about cherished woods in England and South Africa, and why she’s optimistic about saving the planet; while the eminent wordsmith Robert Macfarlane writes in raptures about his favourite tree, an oriental plane in the heart of Cambridge.

And that’s not all you’ll find in this jam-packed edition:

  • What will become of the woods in HS2’s line of fire?
  • Which racing-driver has swapped the chequered flag for a herd of buffalo?
  • How can you get involved in the Trust’s biggest ever tree-planting day?

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