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Campaigns update: 108 ancient woods and one unacceptable high speed railway

We’re working tirelessly to protect the nation’s ancient woodland from High Speed 2. The Government published the HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement on 11 October. The overall infrastructure project is set to damage or destroy 108 ancient woods up and down the country. Phase 2b alone impacts 37 ancient woods. It’s by far our biggest individual threat case.

Just one of the irreplaceable ancient woods threatened by HS2 Phase 2 (Photo: Philip Formby/WTML)
Just one of the irreplaceable ancient woods threatened by HS2 Phase 2 (Photo: Philip Formby/WTML)

We can stop HS2’s destruction

We’ve been on BBC Radio Derby and BBC East Midlands to raise awareness of the damage HS2 will cause. And the message is spreading. More than 10,000 people have already responded to the latest government consultation on the project through our campaign. 

We’ve been out visiting woods along the proposed route and meeting local residents. We've seen these beautiful places first-hand and talked to those that will feel their loss most. The threat of their destruction is upsetting and unacceptable.

Add your voice to the cause and make your objections known. Together we can stop HS2’s devastation.

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Good news for veteran trees in Cheltenham

While HS2 is front and centre, we haven’t forgotten the many other threats to ancient trees around the UK. This month we can happily update you on the veteran oak and ash trees in Cheltenham. They were due to be felled to make way for 90 new houses, while others were at risk of secondary impacts from the development. We previously reported that some trees had been saved by an updated application which was then marked for approval. At the last minute, with the help of the new National Planning Policy Framework, the planning application was refused. Success!

Challenge in the South East

Finally, another large infrastructure project is continuing to rumble along. The Lower Thames Crossing looks set to damage or destroy more ancient woods and trees. A consultation is currently live and we are considering our next steps. Watch this space for updates.

We can’t do this without you

It’s been another busy month with some big challenges, but your incredible support keeps us going.

Please keep doing your bit by:

  • letting us know when you spot a threat
  • signing our petitions
  • responding to consultations.

Together we can make a difference and save our precious ancient woods and trees.

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