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Is your tree special enough to be Tree of the Year?

The UK’s trees are incredible. Some trees will make you catch your breath each time you see them, especially at this time of year. But only very special trees can be crowned ‘Tree of the Year’.

The competition is all about celebrating the power of trees to inspire, and these are trees with genuine stories. Previous winners have included the oak of Robin Hood’s playground, a tree which stopped a Welsh bypass, an oriental plane tree descended from the ancient Greek ‘Plane Tree of Kos’ and a copper beech tree so loved by schoolchildren in Scotland.

Last year's winner, the Gilwell Oak (Photo: Martyn Milner/WTML)
Last year's winner, the Gilwell Oak (Photo: Martyn Milner/WTML)

Is there a certain tree which means something to you personally? A tree in your life that has witnessed part of our history, or been part of a community for generations?  It could be Tree of the Year 2018!

Nominations are open! 

The competition, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is open to any living tree in the UK that has a story behind it – from longstanding legends through to memorials or personal connections. 

Following nominations, an independent panel of experts will draw up a shortlist of trees to go to a public vote. Trees of the Year will be named in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A bit of 'Tree LC'

The competition is also about protecting important trees for the future, and supporting good tree care. As well as the much-coveted title for winning trees, a limited number of runners up will receive a bespoke Tree Care Award to improve their lives, which might include pruning, weeding, fencing or mulching, or educational materials.

Celebrating the ‘woody wonders’ of our nation, nominate your tree for Tree of the Year today!

Celebrate our special trees

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