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Working together to treasure our special places

In a major project of up to £1.2 million, we are working with the National Trust to link up our Londonthorpe Wood site in Grantham with Belton House, one of the Midlands’ most visited attractions.

Londonthorpe is a haven for wildlife and people alike, with lots to discover among the mix of open space, high forest, ponds, scrub and woodland rides. It once formed part of the 17th century Brownlow Estate, but over time this historic landscape has become fragmented.

We plan to open up the borders on the land to connect it with the eastern part of Belton House. The project will create unprecedented access between the sites, allowing people to explore a combined area of 225 hectares of woods and parkland and discover the secret history and environmental treasures. 

The borders of Londonthorpe Wood will be opened up to connect with nearby Belton House (Photo: WTML)
The borders of Londonthorpe Wood will be opened up to connect with nearby Belton House (Photo: WTML)

To help people learn more about these special places, a warm welcome with helpful information and a programme of events and activities are all part of the plan.

Conservation will also be at the heart of the project. Work will be done to restore and enhance key wildlife habitats and ensure their protection long into the future, as well as to protect built heritage and parkland features.

Thanks to players of the National Lottery, the project has already received a funding boost of £64,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). We’re thrilled to get this initial financial support which we hope will lead to a much larger grant to deliver the project. We will fundraise to achieve the remaining money needed to complete the project.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to find out more and discuss their views before any work begins. Consultation will begin in summer 2018, with work due to start from summer 2020.

Don't wait for the project to finish!

Enjoy Londonthorpe, or another local wood now