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Update on Christmas card recycling scheme

Our partnership with M&S dates back to 2008, when we came together for a Christmas card recycling scheme. In 2012, M&S took the lead on the scheme by planting a tree with the Woodland Trust for every 1,000 cards recycled in its stores during January.

The scheme won’t run from this year but we’re so proud of what we achieved together and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated. With your help we:

  • Planted 51,500 new native trees across the UK
  • Recycled 51.5 million cards
  • Saved 1,685 tonnes of paper from landfill
  • Let people know the UK’s need for more trees
  • Promoted the environmental benefits of recycling
  • Raised the profile of the Woodland Trust through our association with M&S.

What’s next for the Trust and M&S?

M&S has decided to take a new direction on how it supports the Trust. It now works with us through its Sparks members club:

  • Sparks is free to join and every time you make a purchase with your Sparks card instore and online, you’ll collect sparks, which can be used to access a wide variety of exclusive offers and rewards.
  • For each transaction, M&S will also donate 1p to a good cause of your choice – choose the Woodland Trust as your nominated charity to continue supporting the UK’s trees.
  • Sparks members have already raised £90,000 for the Trust in under two years – enough to plant 36,000 trees. It took four years to plant this many trees under the Christmas card recycling scheme.
  • To sign up, just pick up a Sparks card in store. You’ll then need to register the card either online or in-store with a staff members’ help. Finally, select the Woodland Trust as your chosen charity and you’re ready to stand up for trees.

Thank you: you helped plant 51,500 new trees in the UK

Everyone who took part in the Christmas card recycling scheme has helped to make a real difference to the UK environment:

  • The 51,500 trees would stretch all the way from Liverpool to Manchester if planted in a line.
  • More than 1,685 tonnes of paper were potentially saved from landfill – that’s roughly the same weight as 337 elephants!

Keep on recycling

Please continue recycling your Christmas cards. The best way to do so is via your door-step recycling service. If this is not available in your area, contact your local authority for alternative paper recycling options.

Trees need your help

The success of the Christmas card recycling scheme shows what can be achieved when people come together to stand up for trees. However, urgent action is still needed. The UK is already one of Europe’s least-wooded countries and the woodland we do have is seriously threatened by pests, disease and development.

Quite simply, we need your help, and there are plenty of ways you can get involved. We rely on an army of volunteers for everything from practical work to photography and you’re sure to have skills we can put to use. You can also support us financially by becoming a member or making a donation. However you choose to help, you can be a part of our vision to see a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.

Keep on standing up for trees.

Find out more about how you can get involved.