Bird song quiz: can you name these birds by their song?

Tweeting and twittering birds are all around us, but it isn’t always easy to figure out who is singing.

Do you think you know your avian melodies well enough to take this bird song quiz?

Let’s see if you can name these birds by their song. Simply click the links to the audio files below, scribble down your answers and scroll to the bottom of the page to see if you are right.


1. This bird’s distinctive song heralds the start of spring. Do you know what it is?

2. There is no mistaking the song of our National Bird – or is there?

3. This bird has a repertoire of more than 100 phrases! Can you guess which species is singing?

4. ‘A little bit of bread with no cheese’ is the order of the day for this bird.

5. A mellow and beautiful sound, this song lights up hedgerows on long summer evenings.

6. This bird is one of the earliest to sing during spring and has a sharp, distinctive song. What is it?

7. This delightful song belongs to a jam-faced little bird with liquid gold on its wings.

8. A ringing series of piping calls is the most distinctive sound in this bird’s vocal catalogue. Can you guess which one?

9. This melodic, rippling song is one of the only ways to tell this bird apart from the very similar chiffchaff.

10. Size isn’t everything – this tiny bird has a remarkably loud voice! But which bird is it?

How did you do? 

Discover the answers.

Do you need to brush up on bird song identification? Take a look at this bird song identifier and head out into the wilds on International Dawn Chorus Day.

This worldwide celebration of nature’s choral gift sees the launch of countless events in the woods. We hope to see you there!