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Celebrate National Tree Week 2016

National Tree Week is an annual celebration of trees in the UK, organised by the Tree Council. First celebrated in 1975, it announces the beginning of the winter tree planting season. It is also a chance for you and your community to help out in your local trees and woods.

Why is it important?

The recent news has been a storm of negativity surrounding the state of our woods. The Forestry Commission's tree planting figures are shockingly low, with the UK still maintaining its position as one of the least wooded countries in Europe.

Our woodlands are at risk of “critical decline”. Diseases like ash dieback continue to decimate tree populations, and our woodlands are constantly under threat from development. Climate change continues to pose a serious threat to our woods and trees.

It’s safe to say that our cousins the trees are in trouble!

Professor Carl Sagan makes an important point (Photo: Cosmos: A Personal Voyage)

How you can help

The good news is there are several ways you can get involved with National Tree Week and help the UK’s woods and trees.

We have plenty of events that you can get involved with including tree planting, as well as other celebrations and fun days out.

We have free tree packs available for your community or school. These are a great way to ensure the future is rich in trees, make your community greener, and create a windfall that brings your neighbourhood together. We also have tree packs for landowners to help target tree disease which will help your land bounce back from the growing number of pests and diseases in the UK.

For those not eligible for free tree packs we have plenty of native trees available to buy in the Woodland Trust online shop, from bird cherry and crab apple to English oak and silver birch, as well as accessories like frost protection covers for when the winter chill arrives.

We have plenty of tree planting advice in case you're unsure about planting trees. We can talk you through choosing appropriate trees for your land, growing them as a seed or a sapling, and how to care for your trees as they grow. You can email our expert woodland creation team at or call them on 0330 333 5303.

If you want to get directly involved with our efforts to conserve and protect the UK’s woodland you can look for volunteering opportunities to get involved with or apply for one of our many jobs. You can also read more about our current campaigns and how we're protecting woodland across the country, and find out how you can directly protect the trees in your community.

Finally, you can also donate directly to our conservation efforts or become a member, helping us to transform our landscapes and make the UK a healthier place to live. Every penny you spend makes a huge difference and helps us reach our goal of planting 64 million trees by 2025.

Don't forget to get involved with Tree Dressing Day, which is always held at the end of National Tree Week.

To find out more about National Tree Week visit the Tree Council website, or join the conversation on Twitter with #NationalTreeWeek.