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Our 64 million tree goal

64,000,000 - it's a big number.

But over the next ten years we have given ourselves a very big target - to plant a tree for every person in the UK. And that’s around 64 million!

The reason? Because everyone needs trees - to breathe, to enjoy, to relax in.

Our goals are to work with schools, partners and communities to plant 15 million trees in towns and cities. To work with farmers and local authorities to plant 20 million trees in the countryside. And to work with businesses, major landowners and the Government to plant 29 million trees.

In just ten years, for example, Sainsbury’s has planted over 2.5 million trees, backing projects such as our First World War Centenary Woods project and bringing the special gift of nature with free trees to hundreds of schools across the UK.

IKEA FAMILY, meanwhile, celebrated funding a million trees for communities through our free tree pack scheme last month. And in the process, they created dozens of inspiring stories.

Fingle path B Lee WTML.jpg
Fingle path (Photo: B Lee/WTML)

Why more trees?

Trees and woods are a cornerstone of our landscape and countryside, crucial not only as homes for wildlife and nature, but also forming an essential and cherished part of our cultural identity.

However, our trees and woods face real challenges. Today, they face the perfect storm of climate change, pests and diseases and constant destructive pressures from development, over grazing and intensive land use.

This compounds the problems our environment already faces, having lost so much woodland over the centuries - leaving small and fragmented woods that are more vulnerable, and less likely to recover from further harm or damage.

How do we combat these threats to our trees, woods and cherished landscapes?

How do we equip our landscape to be more able to bounce back from all these impacts and to ensure that we will have native trees, woods and wildlife for future generations to enjoy?

Protecting the woods we have got and planting a wider range of native trees are both essential in preparing our landscapes for the future.

This means having a broader mix of tree species, having a more diverse woodland structure and a good range of trees of different ages and stages of life. We also want to have better networks of connected woodland habitat that allows natural regeneration of woods and give more opportunities for wildlife to move around the landscape and colonise and re-colonise new areas.

But to really make the difference, we will have to go much further than that.

The Woodland Trust’s plans for the next ten years include increasing tree planting across the whole countryside in a wide range of circumstances: not just planting whole new woods but tens of thousands of new trees in hedgerows, along roadsides, riversides, in school grounds, close to communities and in towns. This means millions of new trees - delivering this project will be a major piece of work and businesses will be so important to this.

This will mean getting the right kind of tree planting and new woodland into the right places - and working with a wide range of communities, landowners and partners to deliver it.

Our goals for 2025 are big and bold

  • Working with schools, communities and partners will see 15 million trees planted in towns and cities: creating attractive parks and green spaces, improving air quality, boosting health and wellbeing, and creating places where people want to live and work
  • Working with farmers, landowners, local authorities, communities and supporters will see 20 million new trees across the countryside, replacing the many that will be lost to tree disease
  • Working with major landowners, government and businesses and tapping into new funding streams will see 29 million trees, creating major new areas of beautiful and wildlife-friendly countryside

Taken together this adds up to 64 million trees - that’s just about one tree for every person in Britain. That is a good number, because, after all ‘we all need trees’.

Help us reach our 64 million goal

Join as an adult member before the end of January 2017 and we'll send you a free rowan sapling.