We're working with Forestart, the premier UK supplier of tree and shrub seeds to the forestry sector, to provide the native seeds we need to grow on into trees.

Forestart has over 25 years experience of supplying seed and have unique expertise in treating and processing seeds to ensure outstanding quality in the seeds they provide to us.

All collections of forest species by Forestart are made under the Forest Reproductive Material (FRM) Regulations, the company also implements a voluntary scheme of inspection for all other native species not included in FRM. This provides full traceability to the entire supply chain.

Being part of our procurement scheme has helped give Forestart the confidence to proceed with ambitious expansion plans which in 2014 saw them move to new facilities that enabled the company to double the storage capacity for native species, expand and modify processing facilities and increase the number of skilled full time employees.

Where the seeds come from

Seeds are sourced from hundreds of potential sites across the UK depending on where the crops are in any given year, taking into consideration customer requirements and UK planting policy. This also includes sourcing the seeds from more than one individual specimen to ensure a wide genetic variation.

There are over 1000 individual sourcing locations and Forestart is always looking for more. For species like aspen, yew, English oak and sessile oak, Forestart has around 100 potential collecting sites for each species.

Forestart has also created an orchard on site which contains over 30 different species, with selections from some of the best trees of their type found in UK forests. They are then able to collect seeds on site directly from these trees.

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