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The big picture for the UK’s woods and trees

Learn more about the woodland in your local area. Find out how your area performs in our league table of woodland cover, access and loss.

View the map and compare figures (PDF, 1MB)

About this data

This list is broken down along county, regional and country lines. Our statistics were gathered using the following:

Ancient woodland data (as available):

England – Natural England (Dec 2014)
Scotland – Scottish Natural Heritage (2001)
Wales – Natural Resources Wales (2012)
Northern Ireland – Woodland Trust Northern Ireland (2008).

Woodland cover:

Great Britain – National Forest Inventory (Dec 2014)
Northern Ireland – Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland, Woods and Bushes (2002)
Population total with access to a 2ha woodland within 500m: latest Woodland Trust Space for People analysis (2014).

Population figures: 2011 census

View the map and compare figures (PDF, 1MB)