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Engage people in your wood

Help bring ancient woodlands back to life. Encourage people to visit your wood and let them see what a difference you're making.

Your restoration interpretation toolkit

It's important to make sure that people who come to your wood understand the restoration you're doing. We've created a toolkit to help you make your interpretation effective and interesting.

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What is the ancient woodland restoration interpretation toolkit?

The toolkit will help you plan, develop and deliver media and events in your woodland for visitors. This essential guidance has been made possible by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Who is it for?

Anyone that owns or manages an ancient wood that is undergoing restoration! You could be a community woodland owner or own the land privately, if you want to encourage people onto your site, this kit is for you. 

What is in the toolkit?

• An definition of interpretation 
• A step by step planning guide
• Case studies and examples (also available to download on this page)
• Tips on delivery
• Is it working? checklist
• Funding sources
• Suppliers and useful information.

Download the ancient woodland restoration interpretation toolkit

Ancient woodland restoration interpretation toolkit (PDF, 14MB)