Download some activities from Nature Detectives to take to the wood (Photo: WTML/Jill Jennings)

There are many things to do and see on the site, depending on your interests. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


Get out into the wood and hunt for our caches. Collect the stamps as you go. Can you find them all?

Location map (PDF, 1MB)
Stamp sheet (PDF, 1MB)

Become a Nature Detective

For kids and kids at heart, visit Nature Detectives for lots of ideas on fun woodland activities, such as games, art, and wildlife and plant identification.

Bird watching

This is a great place for bird watching, especially now that we have a fantastic new bird hide by the lake. The site has already become known among birders locally, with some interesting species found on-site including curlew, whooper swan and hen harrier. Don't forget your binoculars!

Pond dipping

Bring a net and see what you can catch from our purpose-built pond dipping platform by the lake.

Family time trail and coin rubbing

Take a journey through time by following a trail of giant coins ranging from the Iron Age to the present day, with some fun challenges along the way. Download the family time trail booklet to bring with you.

Take a walk through the Jubilee Groves

A marker post has been installed to represent each of the 61 years of the Queen's reign. Starting just a short distance from the car park with 1952 and ending up with 2012 down by the lake, this lovely walk loops round in a series of circular groves, each post depicting a native wild animal or tree.

Waymarked trails

Take your pick from three way-marked circular trails – one short, one medium and one long - or just go where the fancy takes takes you along one of the many permissive paths.

Entry into our woods is free but please donate now to help us care for them.

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