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Family activities

Credenhill Park Wood is a great place to explore - a whole new world waiting to be discovered!

Below are eight activities to give you some fun ideas you can do when you visit Credenhill Park Wood.

Spotters Sheet (PDF, 0.5MB) - Landmarks and exciting things to look out for on your visit.

Elf House (PDF, 0.3MB) - Could you build the perfect home for a tiny friend?

Hansel and Gretel (PDF, 0.4MB) - Don't get lost!

Create a day out (PDF, 0.3MB) - Plan your perfect trip

Nature Trail (PDF, 0.3MB) - Learn how to lay a trail through the woodland

Your Photos (PDF, 0.2MB) - Be inspired by the beautiful surroundings

Faces on Trees (PDF, 0.2MB) - What can you see in the bark?

Shelter building (PDF, 0.3MB) - Try and make a cosy woodland shelter!

Grand day out family trail

With help from the National Heritage Lottery, the Woodland Trust has created this fun trail through Credenhill Park Woods, with loads of thing to do and see. Download and print out the guide, and you're ready to start your adventure! Remember to bring along the other resources when you visit the woods, such as the Fungi Hunt ID sheet, you'll be amazed at what you can find!

Grand Day Out Trail (PDF, 6.7MB) - A guide through Credenhill Park Wood

Leaf ID sheet (PDF, 0.4MB) - See how many different trees you can spot

Colour Bingo (PDF, 0.1MB) - House! Can you spot all these beautiful colours in the wood?

Fungi ID sheet (PDF, 0.3MB) - Are you a fun guy? Learn how to tell your fly agaric from your stinkhorn.

Animal Prints (PDF, 0.3MB) - Use this sheet to see which animals have been walking through the wood.

Collecting bag (PDF, 0.4MB) - Build this bag before you go, and use it to collect any interesting this you find in the forest. Why not collect fallen leaves, after you've identified them?

Have a great day, and be sure to upload any photos you take to this site, we'd love to see them.