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History of Archers wood

Archers Wood was once part of a 27km (17 mile) woodland belt, dating back to the last ice age. In the past, it extended closer to the Roman road of Ermine Street (later known as the Great North Road and now the A1), but was cut back in medieval times to protect travellers from highwaymen who used the wood as cover.


Medieval earth banks and ditches are thought to be the remains of a monastic manor which once stood close to the wood. The site, now designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument, was excavated in 1979 and the findings included wattle and daub walls, bread ovens and hearths for metal work. There have also been finds of pottery and other small items from around the site. However, most of the earthworks are outside the area owned by the Trust, and are no visible as they have been ploughed out.