The Big Bluebell Watch

Join us for the Big Bluebell Watch this spring. Look out for bluebells near you and help us put them on the map!

Spotted your first bluebell? Tell us where

Putting bluebells on the map

Record your bluebell sightings and see them spread across the nation.

There are other ways to get involved too. Record other species with Nature’s Calendar or find out about ancient woodland.

Photograph of orange tip butterfly
Photograph of 7-spot ladybird

Love the changing seasons?

Help us track the signs of spring near you. You can record more species with our Nature's Calendar project.

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Bluebell wood at sunset
Light coming through trees

Bluebells and ancient woodland

Did you know bluebells can be a sign of ancient woodland? Find out what it is and why it's so precious.

What is ancient woodland?