Tree Party

We’re celebrating incredible woods and trees this summer and we’d love you to join us – by throwing a Tree Party!

We all need trees. They are essential to life. They clean our air and cool our cities. They provide homes and food for wildlife. And they are the best playgrounds. But they are facing more threats than ever before and they need us to fight for them.

Your Tree Party is a chance to have fun with family and friends, while honouring a very special guest – a tree. It’s also a great way to raise vital funds for our work, helping us plant native trees and protect precious woodland for people and wildlife.

Your online fundraising pack is bursting with ideas to help you plan a terrific party and raise vital funds for woods and trees. Simply click on the buttons below to download and print all the items you need.

Money box
 (PDF, 100KB)

 (PDF, 100KB)

Spotter sheets
 (PDF, 500KB)

Cake flags
 (PDF, 160KB)

Cake Dash game
 (PDF, 4MB)

Tree Party bunting
 (PDF, 30KB)

You can hold your tree party anywhere you like - all you need is a tree as the guest of honour.

Whether you choose a wood, a field, your local park, down by the river or just your back garden we don’t mind.

When the party's over, all we ask is that donations are received by Tree Party HQ here at the Woodland Trust by 30 September 2018.

By downloading any elements for use at your Tree Party, you agree to our terms and conditions.