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First World War Centenary Woods

Hundreds of thousands of British lives were lost in the costly and devastating conflict between 1914-1918. One hundred years later, the Woodland Trust is close to completing four brand new woods, one in each nation of the UK, to honour those heroes and the sacrifices they made.

By planting millions of saplings across the British Isles and Ireland, we will help our native flora and fauna, increasing biodiversity and creating wildlife corridors to allow species to thrive.

We still need your help to deliver this £20 million project. Your donation, no matter how small, will go directly to the purchase, creation and future management of each Centenary Wood, preserving them as national living memorials that will live on for hundreds of years.

Want to donate?

Whatever you choose to give, donating online is secure, quick and cost effective, so more money goes directly to creating this special wood.