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First World War Centenary Woods

One hundred years after the outbreak of the First World War we're marking the anniversary with one of our most ambitious planting projects ever.

Make thank you last forever

We’re planting more than a million trees in four First World War Centenary Woods across the UK, creating beautiful life-giving places for the next generation and saying thank you to all those who served their country.

Dedicate a tree

Planting is close to completion at our four Centenary Woods. Whether it's in honour of an ancestor who fought on the front line or as a tribute to someone from your ship regiment or squadron, don't miss your chance to say your own personal thank you by dedicating a tree. 

By transforming the landscape into beautiful new woods we can all treasure and enjoy, we hope to make a mark on history in the name of all those who made sacrifices for our future.

Our Centenary Woods will create a lasting legacy for a new generation.