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Become a Guardian of the Woods

Comma butterfly Guardian of the Woods (Photo:S Kind/WTML)

72% of British butterfly species are currently in decline (Photo: WTML)

Become a Guardian of the Woods with a monthly donation and protect local woods and wildlife today.

Your local wood is home to hundreds of species of wildlife. But their habitats are disappearing. In the last 25 years the UK has lost more than half its song thrushes and almost three quarters of butterfly species are in decline. 

Please help us protect the precious woods you love by becoming a Guardian of the Woods today.

Protect a wood near you

From wildlife to waterfalls, woodland are wonderful places to visit. Become a Guardian of Woods to start helping us to:

  • Protect all ancient woods from development threats
  • Support local communities to safeguard and enjoy their woods
  • Encourage local wildlife by managing woodland habitats

Please help us to save threatened woods from destruction. We spend 79p of every pound you donate on protecting, restoring and creating woods. Find out more about how we spend your money.

Become a Guardian of the Woods

As a Guardian of the Woods, you will become one of our most vital supporters and you will receive:

  • A link to an interactive map to get more from your local woods
  • Fascinating local facts about wildlife you could find
  • Regular updates on how you are helping to safeguard woods for the future

Become a Guardian of the Woods now, select an amount below

  • £ 3
    a month
    Can plant one tree per month
  • £ 5
    a month
    Creates habitats for red squirrels
  • £ 10
    a month
    Helps us protect woodlands near you
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