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With the number of tree pests and diseases currently present in the UK it's hugely important that we have confidence in the trees we plant and provide to you.

This is why we are investing £4.5m to grow 4.5m trees until the end of 2017, all of which will come from seeds sourced across the UK and Ireland.

By creating a transparent supply chain, we can fully trace the origin of every tree we plant and supply to individuals, schools, communities and other landowners.

How does the process work?

Seeds are collected in the UK and stored by Forestart, which is based in Shropshire, and is the UK’s primary supplier of tree seeds to the forestry industry. We have created contracts with nurseries in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland who will receive a supply of seeds to then grow on into saplings which we then distribute and plant around the country.

How are the trees traceable?

We contract Forestart to collect seed. They code and batch the seed and send them on to the nurseries who will have identified seed beds and areas for our stock that is also coded – those codes follow the plant in computer records and physical labelling right through to delivery. This system will be independently audited at least once a year. This means we can track an individual tree at every stage of its journey.

For more information contact our woodland creation team on 0330 333 5303.

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