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We've helped hundreds of people across the UK to plant trees on their land

We're often told that “good land should be in production – not planted with trees". We agree that producing delicious, home-grown food comes first but farmers can also deliver much more - they manage our countryside, support tourism and rural communities, and are the custodians of our landscapes.

We believe that planting trees in the right places can support farmers by boosting production, improving sustainability and strengthening landscape resilience. This is why we offer financial and practical assistance to help farmers benefit from trees, supporting business objectives and the environment.

Unlocking the benefits of farm trees  

Trees have plenty to offer farmers:

  • Cost-effective livestock shelter – keep animals outside for longer in winter and cooler in summer. 
  • Control stock movement – guide stock around your land, keeping them away from any unsuitable areas.
  • Shelter for crops – improve plant water-efficiency by slowing wind speeds and modifying the micro-climate
  • Soil management – help protect soils from the damage of wind and water erosion.
  • Reduce flood risk – improve water infiltration rates by 60 times, helping water travel deep into the ground. 
  • Cleaner water – trap agricultural pollutants before they enter watercourses. Dappled shade also creates cooler waters (better habitat for fish).
  • Reduce costs – grow your own on-farm firewood supply or woodchip bedding.
  • Boost pollinators – trees sustain pollinators when other food sources are scarce, and can support an integrated pest management strategy.
  • Sporting interest – provide valuable cover for game and other wildlife
  • Landscape value – trees bring a natural beauty all year round.

What can we offer farmers? 

We've worked with people across the UK to design planting schemes that support real farm business objectives. Our team of expert advisers are skilled in spotting where trees can make a real difference, how to get the most from the grant systems and how to benefit from trees and woods already on your land. Best of all our advice won't cost you a penny.    

Funding to plant farm trees

We've teamed up with the PUR Project, a global company working with Accor Hotels, the Organic Research Centre and Soil Association to plant 200,000 trees in ways that benefit UK farms. Through this exciting partnership, we can offer:

  • A whole-farm tree assessment from one of our expert advisers
  • Thoughtfully-designed planting scheme tailored for your business
  • Advice on tree planting, maintenance and management
  • Free trees and guards (some schemes may require a contribution) 

The scheme is quite flexible and can be adapted to your needs - helping plant shelter belts, riparian strips, pasture trees, woodland or develop agro-forestry designs.

What's the catch?

There isn't one! All we ask is that you plant and maintain the trees and allow us access to monitor the effects for an agreed period of time. The aim is to develop simple, practical models for farm trees that can be easily replicated across different agricultural systems. Organic and non-organic farms are welcome to apply but there are some restrictions for beef producers.  

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