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Our tree packs for schools and communities offer the perfect opportunity to unite groups while encouraging beautiful wildlife, protecting against tree disease and providing other benefits to your local area.

School and community tree packs

We have 4,750 tree packs to give away to school and community groups for planting this Autumn. We will be delivering the trees from 2-6 November 2015, so have a look at the information below and see if we can help your community.

These have been generously funded by lead partners Sainsbury’s, IKEA FAMILY, Yorkshire Tea, players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Biffa Award; also funded by WHSmith and Wilko.

How does it work?

Communities and schools can apply for our free tree packs twice a year which will be sent out in March and November, available in qualities of 30, 105 or 420.

The packs come in different mixes of tree species so you can choose the best one for your project. We accept applications all year round, but only send trees out twice a year – in March and November – when the trees are dormant and ready to plant.

Free tree pack FAQ (PDF, 2.2MB) - answering your questions about the scheme, including eligibility

Species in the packs (PDF, 0.6MB) - the different variants in the packs we have to offer

How can I get my community tree pack?

Apply for a community tree pack now and follow our step by step instructions below.

Helping you apply (PDF, 0.8MB) - walking you through the application process step by step

How can I get my school tree pack?

Apply for a school tree pack - You will be able to apply for a minimum of 30 trees to plant on your school grounds.

Need more information about school tree packs?

For any school enquiries, please contact

Further advice and support is also available through our friendly volunteer team of Woodland Creation Champions. If you would like to discuss your planting site or woodland creation plans, then email us with your name, postcode and phone number and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

The closing date for autumn applications is 3 September 2015, or upon full subscription

School packs

Apply for a minimum of 30 trees to plant on your school grounds.

Apply now

Community packs

Take a look at our guidance documents and apply for a pack today.

Apply now

Free tree packs for communities

Family planting trees

We have thousands of free tree packs to give away to community and youth groups

Apply now