Life's better with trees

Photograph of taxidermy owl stuffed in a glass jar

A world without trees should be unimaginable, yet more than 400 UK ancient woods are threatened by planning applications.

Our precious woods and trees are under threat. if we allow their loss we are destroying an ecosystem so extraordinary its benefits are still not fully known and putting the wonderful wildlife it supports at risk.

Ancient woodland is our richest land habitat in the UK, supporting some of our best-loved species - Trees are fundamental to our  own existence too, purifying the air we breathe, protecting us from flooding, and providing us with fuel and food.

But these vulnerable woods are in danger. In the past 10 years more than 1,000 ancient woods in the UK have been threatened by development. If we don't act now, our landscape and woodland wildlife will change forever.

Loss of ancient woodland is devastating to the wildlife that depends on it. One in six of our woodland flowering plants are facing extinction. Wood warblers have declined by almost 70 per cent in the last 20 years, and one of our previously common bat species, Bechstein’s bat, is now one of our rarest.

We know life’s better with trees. Without them, we’re stuffed.

How you can help

More than 400 ancient woods are under threat from planning applications right now. Join thousands of other people and send a message to the Prime Minister.

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