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Tree disease – You can help our fight

The threat of tree disease gripping our countryside, roadside trees and hedgerows is one of our biggest issues at the moment and we need your help.

Our trees and woods are less able to withstand the impacts of pests and diseases since they're already under great pressure from pollution, intensive land use, urban development and climate change.

The loss of millions of trees in the wider countryside, fields, hedgerows and on roadsides will have a catastrophic impact on our landscape and biodiversity. Chalara, dieback of ash (ash dieback) is the most well-known UK tree disease but there are many more.

We are at the forefront of tackling this issue and developing solutions to fight against tree disease, including:

  • Conducting research so we can understand more about the spread and possible prevention of pests and diseases
  • Surveillance of pests and disease spread across the UK with volunteer and citizen science schemes
  • Encouraging resilient landscapes through responsible tree procurement and planting
  • Working to influence MPs and improve legislation

Opportunities to get involved

Your support is vital in our fight against tree disease. We have plenty of opportunities for landowners, consultants, contractors, organisations and professionals to get involved:

Or, tell us if you think there are other ways you could get involved.

Find out more about tree disease and the impact it is having on the UK's native landscapes

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact us by email or call 0330 333 5300.