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£1 from every sale of a Scots Pine candle, made by Skye Candles, goes towards our campaign to save Scottish paradise Loch Arkaig (Photo: Skye Candles)

Partnering for pine – candle company is helping us to save an ancient paradise.

A brilliant product is not only bringing the unique, natural scent of a rare Scottish habitat into people’s homes – it's also helping to save it!

The Isle of Skye Candle company has produced a ‘Scots Pine’ candle which is fragranced using distinctive scents from native Caledonian pinewood.

Loch Arkaig pine forest, in the north west of Scotland, is one of the most significant areas of ancient Caledonian pinewood left in the UK. Money from sales of these candles will go towards our campaign to save the site.

The site is a beautiful expanse of heather topped moor and native oak and birch-wood and it's home to rare wildlife like ospreys, sea eagles and potentially wildcats too. But sadly it is degraded, a result of the 18th Century timber trade and overgrazing by sheep and deer. The Trust is committed to restoring it to its former glory.

Skye Candles will donate £1 from every sale of its Scots Pine candle to our campaign. The scent is set to be a firm favourite with its fresh, woody aromas that appeal to all, while making a real difference to the local landscape.

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James Robertson, Isle of Skye Candles founder said:

"I've always been passionate about our native woodlands, as they add so much beauty and diversity to Scotland. When I heard about the Woodland Trust’s efforts to buy and restore the Loch Arkaig forest I felt this was the perfect way to get involved and try to make a difference. The collaboration I hope will not only make donating to the project easy, but pleasant too."

Karl Mitchell, our Director of Development said:

"This is a fantastic partnership. It is essential if we are to make our Loch Arkaig project a success that we have businesses on board. Skye Candles is a particularly great fit with its pine candles providing an instant link to the habitat we are saving – and the business is passionate, like us, about protecting our natural environment."

With its origins in the last Ice Age, Loch Arkaig is a very special site and one of the last surviving scraps of native Caledonian pinewood in the UK. We are working closely with local community groups and our appeal to restore this ancient woodland has been boosted by a £750,000 award from Players of People's Postcode Lottery. Find out more about Loch Arkaig in our blog.

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Creating engaging employment in the Highlands was the driving force for James Robertson to start the Isle of Skye Candle Company ten years ago. Since then Skye Candles has built a name for itself by making products from natural ingredients and renewable sources.

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