WHSmith has committed hundreds of thousands of pounds towards us increasing tree cover across the UK

WHSmith is a long term partner of the Woodland Trust and has helped us plant hundreds of thousands of trees in schools and communities across the country.

Since 2002, the business’s dedicated support has also helped us to protect and restore many more woodland environments too – bringing wide benefits to the UK environment.

WHSmith was our first Christmas Card Recycling Partner, collecting Christmas cards from their customers in their stores across the country which were then recycled. We used the money raised from this scheme to create and protect woodland.

More recently, WHSmith has been donating money from the sale of reusable bags and charges for carrier bags to fund trees for schools and communities through our tree pack scheme.

Tree packs help schools and communities engage in their local environment as well as help increase tree cover across the UK. 

WHSmith has always understood the need to help the environment and the wide benefits trees bring to people and wildlife across the UK.

The business’s goal is to have planted more than 250,000 trees in the decade to 2020.

Key facts

  • WHSmith has been a partner since 2002
  • It was the Woodland Trust’s first Christmas Card Recycling Partner
  • So far the business has helped us plant over 190,000 trees through the tree pack scheme

Burton Hathow Prep School - Case study

Burton Hathow Prep School is situated in the countryside outside Lincoln and benefits from its own woodland.

Burton Hathow case study
An Eco Club tree planting

The school has been open for almost two years and aims to develop the site for the benefit of the environment, wildlife and children.

WHSmith funded Woodland Trust tree packs have allowed the school to plant hedgerows and trees to provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife.

Efforts by the school’s Eco Club mean the school now has 22 different varieties of trees across its site.

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