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CNG helps us to restore damaged natural habitats and helps boost the UK's tree cover by funding trees for landowners.

CNG began working with us in 2013 and its support funded the restoration of almost 60 acres of ancient woodland, including at the beautiful Nidd Gorge, on the doorstep of the Harrogate based business.

Ancient woodland is a vital part of our natural heritage and landscape and restoration projects work to restore these areas to their natural glory by replacing non-native trees with trees which better support our natural wildlife and ecosystems.  Nidd Gorge, where ancient broadleaf woodland covers the steep cliffs, is home to more than 80 species of bird and 30 different kinds of mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Recently, CNG also committed funding towards our MOREwoods project which allows us to provide free trees for landowners. CNG funded 1,200 trees on private land near Harrogate, working closely with us and the private landowner. Each tree was planted as a tribute to the similar number of people from the town who fought and died in the two Great Wars.

More about CNG

Martin Needham, Head of Commercial at CNG, which supplies gas to businesses, said:

"CNG's partnership with the Woodland Trust was born from a desire within the CNG team to work alongside a cause which reflected our own values and one which would allow us to contribute in a tangible way to the environmental health of the UK. The Woodland Trust is a natural fit; the projects are diverse, exciting and offer a variety of ways for us to get involved in a hands on way. So far our tree planting and restoration projects have been a great insight into what we and other businesses can do to help make a difference. There's so much more going on than you realise and the science behind why this work is so important is truly fascinating."

MOREwoods in action

Chris French, private landowner, speaks about CNG's commitment to funding trees for war heroes on his land:

"It is fantastic that CNG is supporting the MOREwoods scheme. Being from Harrogate it is really special that these trees will mark our heroes and I am immensely proud to be part of it.

"They will not only serve as a lasting reminder of local heroes, but also create a place for nature and tranquillity. Trees are also important in terms of helping the land to retain nutrients, provide shelter from the elements and support wildlife. But of course it is the historic connection that is so important here – seeing the trees grow for future generations will just be fantastic.”