Explore bluebell woods with the Nature Detectives Family Trail app

Follow the fairies
If you go down to the woods this spring, make sure you download our Nature Detectives Family Trail app (Photo: WTML)

Spring is in the air, the leaves are beginning to unfurl and woodland floors will soon be covered with carpets of brilliant bluebells. So get set for a magical experience!

Explore a bluebell wood

We have some truly amazing bluebell woods all around the country. But don’t worry if they’re a bit far away – there’s bound to be a wood near you that’s bursting with bluebells.

Just make sure you keep to paths to avoid damaging the plants and help them come back next year. And remember to look but don’t touch – bluebell sap is poisonous.

Download the Nature Detectives Family Trail app

Last year loads of you helped Blue and Belle, the woodland fairies, stop Big Old Foot the clumsy giant from trampling all the bluebells. You put down arrows for him, cast some spells and sang like the birds to lull him back to sleep.

But he’s waking up again and the fairies need your help to protect their bluebells, so make sure you download our Family Trail app and join in again this year.

The app works in more than 20 woods around the country. And it’s really easy to use – just follow the markers and tap the app to bring the fairies to life.

Invite the fairies home and make a fairy garden

If you can’t get to one of our woods, don’t worry. This year, you can bring the fairies home with you! Just download and print out the markers, then place them around your garden or local park.

But if Blue and Belle are coming to visit you’d better get ready to welcome them. They’d love their own little fairy garden to relax in, and don’t forget to make a fairy door so they know exactly where you live. You could even throw a special fairy tea party too!

Help us with the Big Bluebell Watch

Don’t forget – you can be a real Nature Detective and join in with the Big Bluebell Watch.

It’s really easy – just tell us where you’ve spotted bluebells and we can put them on our map so everyone can share in the excitement of them spreading across the country!

What’s the difference between English bluebells and Spanish bluebells?

Did you know? We have two types of bluebell in the UK – English and Spanish. But what’s the difference?

  • English bluebells have thinner stems, droopy flowers, creamy-white pollen and a stronger scent.
  • Spanish bluebells have fatter upright stems, paler flowers, blue pollen and not much scent.

Have you found an amazing bluebell wood or completed the Nature Detectives Family Trail? Make sure you post your pictures on our Facebook page, or on Instagram or Twitter using #NatureDetectives, #Bluebells and #FollowTheFairies.

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